Special things you lost in the woods 1

This is one subject I didn’t expect to be writing about so soon.

But it is one that constantly fascinates me.

There never seems to be a week goes by that I don’t see some lost personal item left hanging from a tree. I love the way that someone has come across it on their walk, picked it up and hung it on the nearest branch, in the hope that the owner will come back and claim it.

Often it’s gloves, hats or other woolly items. Dog leads are also common but I’ve seen a necklace and a whistle.

While walking the dog one dark morning in winter, I glimpsed, by the light of the headtorch, a small doll baby, unclothed, lying on one of the stone pillars halfway down the main path (part of General Wade’s Military Road).

Yesterday morning, it was on the same pillar that someone had left a baby’s dummy.

Sometimes these items remain for days, weeks or months before mysteriously disappearing. I’ve always wondered where they go.


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