Introducing Anagach

Thought it might be a good idea to give a wee bit of context to Anagach and Grantown-on-Spey.

Grantown itself was founded more than 250 years ago – there were celebrations to mark that milestone last year (and repeated this year.) It’s a Georgian planned town, which specialised in weaving and knitting. The layout with a main thoroughfare leading to a main Square can be seen in various forms in other towns in the area (for example, nearby Aberlour).

Anagach Woods is without doubt one of the town’s best assets. This sprawling woodland lies on the south side: a natural boundary between the town and the famed River Spey. It is owned and managed by the Anagach Woods Trust.

There are a range of tracks leading through the woods. The main routes start from Forest Road and are marked with different colours.


But there are wealth of wee tracks leading through the heather and blaeberry bushes, taking you into places where you feel like the only person for miles.

If you want more details (and a better map) see WalkHighlands‘ website. It’s a brilliant resource for finding a walking route in an unusual place.

Anagach is also part of the Speyside Way, the long distance route from Spey Bay to Aviemore so you often see lots of hardcore walkers heading out. The River Spey provides a natural boundary to the south-east.

And of course, we’re all in the Cairngorms National Park, and perfectly placed between the two busy ski areas of Cairngorm and the Lecht.

Know that’s a bit brief – there is so much to say. This process is pushing me to find out a bit more about the woods as well so any interesting titbits you come across are very welcome. Drop me a line!



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