The Swing Path

The only path of Anagach on the excellent WalkHighlands website is one that goes right around the woods – 11.5km and up to 3.5 hours.

But there are several paths and tracks through the forest. Therefore, I’m going to attempt to guide you round some of the most popular walks in the woods. There are three main routes that are waymarked and advertised on map boards at the entrance points to the woods.

All form a circular route, starting and ending with the car park at the end of Forest Road.

The Swing Path is the innermost circle, the short route for all abilities.

It’s just about mile long, so can be done in around 30 minutes at a pleasant ramble. The noticeboard marks it slightly differently to the route I am going to describe. The markers for the official all abilities path have a wheelchair symbol on them so if you follow them you can’t go wrong.

But this is my quick ramble round the woods.

Starting at the car park (pic 1), you should go past three bungalows, towards a metal gate. This mark the proper start of the woods (2).

Just beyond the gates, there is a large clearing with five paths leading off it in total. Take the one straight in front of you, leading down a wide tree-lined path. The is General Wade’s Road (3).

Keep going, ignoring the wee routes leading throughthe blaeberry bushes, and eventually you will see two large stone pillars at either side of the path (4). Go through them, following General Wade’s.

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Next you will see a couple of benches on your left (5), before descending a slight slope and finding a junction just a little further on (6). Take the left turn and leave General Wade’s. Now you should see a curving path going up a slight incline. At the top, there is another (larger) bench (7).

The path is now relatively straight through the woodland (8). At one point you should notice a large tree on the left, which appears to stand slight apart (9). This is the tree that gives the Swing Path it’s name – because it used to have a swing attached from it.

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After this landmark, the path twists again a few times (10), going past a few wee bogs that are hidden from view in the summer (watch out if you want to keep a dry dog!). You should soon find yourself at a crossroads (11) – take the left path to head towards the top of the woods.

The route now inclines a bit is a bit more open. It will go back into the woods, with a few more ups and downs, and turns (12). At the next main junction (13) keep going straight and you should pass a totem pole (14). Further on you will join a single track road (15) and by turning left you will reach the car park where you started off.

Hope you enjoy your wee walk. I’ll cover the Bog Path next!

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*This post was edited on October 9 2016 to turn the stream of images into a series of slideshows. The numbering on the photographs was corrected, as was the number of benches: I originally said there was one – there is actually two.


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