In the past few days, there’s been a bit of a change in conditions. It’s not autumn – it seems we’re in a strange sort-of between time.

Temperatures are mild, but it’s been pretty windy. The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular. This morning’s started off pink, with the sun’s rays hitting each layer of cloud in turn as it rose. These pictures are from a few days ago.

The nights are darker earlier, prompting one of the first signs of winter – a reminder from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland that hillwalkers should ensure their head torches are packed in their kit. And include spare batteries.

This time of year also brings out the rowan berries, speckling the woods with bunches of  red berries.

There’s a belief that if there’s lots of berries, then a hard winter is on the way. I’ve not seen any news stories about this yet – there’s usually one in the local newspaper, known as the Strathy. But I did find this blog, Being Here, which tells of life in an English cottage.

The rowan trees of Anagach seem a little sparse to me, though I have heard locals saying they think there are a lot of berries. And today I noticed a lot of red-dotted trees along the road to and from work.

But in my garden, there’s a tree that’s laden with berries. Branches bending over and everything.

Guess we’ll have to wait to see if the predictions are right.

rowan berries on a branch

An Anagach rowan tree

rowan berries

A bunch of rowan berries on my tree

rowan berries

The bunches of rowan berries on my tree



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