The Bog Path

More often than not, when I go for walk in the woods, it is down the Bog Path that I turn.

I know it as this from locals and it is named because it circles a large boggy marsh. The Cairngorm Paths leaflet describes is as “a gentle walk on well-made paths with some minor gradients”. They say that the route is approximately 1.25miles (2km) and should take 50 minutes. That seems a bit excessive to me but I’m usually in a hurry in the morning to get the dog walked before I can get ready for work.

Anyway, follow the green markers and you can’t go wrong.

As with the Swing Path route, you start out by going down General Wade’s but keep going a bit further before turning. To follow this route, you must turn at the clearing that you see while going down the wee slope. The clearing is a crossroads and you should take the lefthand path.

This path has sloping ground to the right and flatter, wetter ground to your left. As you go along, you will glimpse muddy patches or water pools depending on the time of year. If you don’t want a wet dog, now is the time to snap on the lead. My own dog loves to swim and you need to grab her early on to stop her leaping in and coming out with a brown covering of mud.

The greenery will give way further on to views of the bog, with some fallen trees adding to the scene. Eventually you will come to another intersection, with a bench beside the path. Again, depending on the time of year, there may be a watery bog, or a dry muddy one. The dry-ish period we’ve had over the summer means that the water is not as high as it has been. There’s still enough for a dog to enjoy swimming in though.

The path now skirts the bog so bear left when you come to a fork a little further on. You can see further into the bog from now on, including the stunted pine trees growing there.

Round a corner you will come to a large tree standing in the middle of the path. This is known as Hangman’s Tree, though the Anagach Woods Trust does not believe it was ever used for that purpose. (Long-term Woods Plan, 2012-2021). It’s an impressive specimen because of its age and height, and because it stands apart from the rest.

Keep following this path, which will go up a slight slope and then offer a series of branches. If you keep straight, you will join the ending discussed in the Swing Path guide and get back to the car park at the bottm of Forest Road.


These pictures were all taken during the same walk – just shows the changing conditions that can pertain in the woods. Overcast one minute, sunny the next.



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