Little eyes in the forest

Autumn is definitely upon us. Suddenly trees have turned yellow and early morning dog walks have to be made by torchlight.

The cold beam of the headtorch takes the colour out of everything, making these wee treks very dreary. And as you scan around the woods, it’s a bit of a surprise/fright to see the little green eyes of deer looking out at you. Spotting a black dog is also much harder than usual – I have keep looking for her little eyes as well. I suppose that I’ll have to get used to it: the mornings will not be light for several months now.

With the freedom that the weekend provides, I had hoped to head out this morning with a camera to capture some of the lovely colours that are starting to appear.

But of course, the weather has other ideas and here in Grantown-on-Spey, we are cloaked in grey cloud and rain. Dreich is the only word for it.

Hoping for better skies tomorrow – these pictures from autumns past will have to suffice.


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