The Ridge Path

The last of our main circular paths in Anagach Woods.

You already know all about the route down General Wade’s Road from our guides to The Swing Path and The Bog Path.

You should follow General Wade’s all the way down – past the spot where the path splits off towards the bogs (1). The path will follow a gentle incline and take you past some large trees on the right. There is also the remnants of a fallen branch from a previous storm (2). All the pine needles have fallen off, leaving an interesting set of branches.

As you carry on this path, you will reach a small car park adjoining the main road leading to Speybank (3). Being a main entrance to the woods, there is also a noticeboard (4) with a map of Anagach Woods. Oh and some bins for any rubbish or dog poo you have accumulated.

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From here, you have a choice – there are two paths that run parallel to each other. The map will take you on the right hand path so so will I.

The path now goes up hill (5), becoming more and more steep at a tight N bend. There is a wooden bench (6) at the top of this mound – you can probably get an okay view through the trees. If you keep going a little further, the trees thin out a little bit beside a wire fence and you can see the Cromdales a bit.

The path sits on a ridge, hence the name of this route. The sides slope away on the right to the houses at Speybank (7). The main track continues straight ahead (8), taking in some small ups and down before reaching some tall pine trees and starting to snake a little (9). There are some lovely views of the tall trees along here. Hit the route at the right time and the light coming through the mist looks spectacular: click here for one of my pictures from this spot.

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Eventually the main path takes a distinct left turn (11), leading you down a hill and shortly to an intersection with a wide track (12). Bear left and you will find yourself going downhill (13, 14). It’s not steep but keep an eye out for tree roots and big stones.

After a wee while, you’ll come out at the big watery bog and from here you just need to follow the Bog Path guide to get back to the top of the woods.

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