Back to blogging

You know that you’ve been away too long when you forget your WordPress password…

Procastination turned into a Christmas break, turned into a winter holiday… life just got in the way. I’ve got a few personal bits and bobs bubbling away at the moment but going to make the effort to do occasional blogging here in the next few months.

Anagach was a bit dramatic over Christmas – part of one of the biggest trees along General Wade’s fell down onto the path between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The weather was pretty wild around that time. As you can see from the picture, the huge branch fell right across the path although the impact seemed to have broken it up enough to leave a path through. Boxing Day covered it with snow.

Volunteers from the Anagach Woods Trust got together to saw it up into logs but you can still see the immense size of what broke off – and the impressive scar it left on the tree. A massive reminder of the power of the wind.

Other than than, it’s been more walking in the dark; finding a few lost things, watching squirrels chase each other round the trees, out of the reach of inquisitive dogs.

And one increasing sight – which I’ll reveal in the next blog post. Promise.





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